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Just 150 kilometres from Barcelona and a few minutes from the city of Lleida, Les Garrigues is one of Catalonia’s best-kept secrets where you can enjoy the peace and quiet that are so elusive nowadays.

Spanning 800 km², Les Garrigues boasts a large number of side roads where you can roam wild and free to your heart’s content amidst landscapes of rainfed fields, farms and sprawling orchards. You might come across a tractor that’s about to plough a field or a car in town whose driver will surely ask you: where are you off to?

This seemingly depopulated region is home to large-scale olive farms and amazing organic vineyards that are committed to creating exceptional products – extra virgin olive oil and wine of the highest quality – through organic farming techniques for the preservation of the ecosystem and local biodiversity.

You’ll also find archaeological sites dating back centuries, castles and mediaeval remains describing the region’s history, museums that explain how people lived and worked in times past.

You’ll get to enjoy these attractions and other surprises that Les Garrigues has in store for you so you can make the most out of travelling in a motorhome.

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Les Garrigues

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